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the election-triptych in Gmunden

In January, the Austrian region of Salzkammergut was announced as one of this year's European Kulturhauptstadt 2024. In its look book "Salz. Seen. Land", our first regional transportation map has been presented. We coined the name MIKROPA for it, as counterpart for METROPA and to illustrate the togetherness of the large and the small.

Europe consists of many grown and prospering regions forming the backbone of this continent. Consequently, there are many mikropa-networks that yield one large metropa-network. This one is the first and it will certainly not be the last!

With a little help from some friends, we found a cute shop window right in the centre of Gmunden, home to one of our members. There we could hang all the three posters in a row in order to show the relationship between the region, Europe – and this year's election to the European Parliament.

Long story short, here it is:


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