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metropa ground studies

Aktualisiert: 10. Okt.

The idea of traveling around Europe and experience what is actually going on on the tracks is in our heads already for a long time. Also the idea of publically hanging huge metropa-banners in all the metropa cities.

Now we have the chance to make this really happen.

We've been invited by the Austrian Cultural Forum to come to the Romanian capital Bucharest and do a lecture and workshop. As we are metropists, we go there by train, of course, which means over 40hrs of real train experience, having the opportunity to talk to many people on board and to post a lot our impressions. By the time, we collected further partners, such as the ÖBB Infra, EURail, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and others, to make this a worthwhile trip and maybe turn it into permanence some day.

What's the purpose of this endeavor?

We want to get as much attention as possible, meet representatives of politics, railway business, NGOs, create and get in touch with networks of Europe-affiliated people in order to widen our scope and create as much awareness as possible for our core goals: a borderless Europe with ecological and affordable mobility for everybody.

So Bucharest, here we come!

You can support us with any of your means, such as sharing, liking, donating (see here), writing about it and so on. And if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us on


departure: Nov 21st, Vienna main Station, 19.42

arrival: Nov 22nd, Bucharest Gara Nord, 16.55

Nov 23rd presentation/workshop UCTB

Nov 24th presentation/round table (location tba)

hanging of the banner (location tba)

metropa-party (location tba)

Partners: ÖBB Infra, EUrail, Austrian Cultural Forum Bucuresti, SZ, EU-embassy Austria, Goethe-Institute Bucuresti

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We say thank you to our many crowdfunding supporters! You raised 580€ for our stay in Bucharest which is starting on Wednesday after a 21hrs train ride. As of transparency and as promised, we’d like t

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