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klimaaktiv-award 2023

Aktualisiert: vor 3 Tagen

klimaaktiv-Preis 2023 (text in DE)

As a new member of the renowned klimaaktiv-network, we got an award for our engagement for climate activism and awareness. It was handed out personally by the Austrian Minister for climate, mobility, energy and innovation, Mrs. Leonore Gewessler. What an honour for us!

The keynote was held by Volker Quaschning (picture right), professor in Berlin, who gave the public a quick but thorough overview of what we're actually talking about: the terrible consequences of climate change can only be held up by immediate and resolute action in every field: withdrawal from fossile fuels, support for renewables,less individual traffic, etc. We all know it. So now we have to act.

And it also was the first appearance of our new member, Elisabeth Sturm. Congrats!


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