Make Europe a dream again!

Let´s build a european WELTWUNDER


Let Europe have a new MARSHALL plan

the time of motorized individual traffic is over

Viva la republica federal de Europa!

Mobilität ist ein Menschenrecht.

The european Passport is your annual ticket.
Your annual ticket is your passport.

Il n’y a pas de besoin de l’avion jusqu’à 1000km.

Europe is a city.

Let’s travel through Europe – by train!

Today our campaign POSTCARDS FOR BRUSSELS is starting. 750 members of the European Parliament and the European Commission have received a metropa postcard, lettered and painted by hundreds of european schoolkids and directly addressed to the deputies.

Take a look on our social media channels twitter and Instagram where we start a series of posts with some of these postcards!

metropa - the european supermetro network

metropa is an art and peace project that shows Europe as an entity on multiple layers; it anticipates the idea of a pan-European metro network system that interconnects all of its citizens and visitors, regions and metropolitan areas – without the borders within.

metropa presents a european future where all ecological, economical, technical and political questions are answered and transformed into a viable comprehension of what could be, at times, the Federal Republic of Europe.

metropa is the junction of all of these topics: mobility, climate change awareness, European integration and migration. Its clear and simple imagery speaks to the people like a current map of any subway in any possible city in Europe. It makes people believe that it is already true. And the more people see it, the more the pressure grows on the people in charge – the EU, the companies, the heads of governments.

metropa is a vision of Europe as it could be in a few decades – an everyday graphic that shows Europe as a city, as a metropolis: usable by all, extensive and universal. And though we all know that it probably won’t look like this and that it will take some decades or more, metropa is designed as a vision and as a target of our efforts.

mobility is a fundamental human right, and metropa is the vehicle that carries the complex idea of the European unification process out of the meeting rooms of EU bureaucracy into the centre of pan-European society. And mind-travelling becomes the best way to open up the importance of Europe to people.

Europe needs a common myth. A narrative that unites all of us and whose benefits are clear to all. metropa is a glimpse into the everyday life of the future. Bringing this picture home to all Europeans, explaining it, discussing it, will get us the story that is necessary to anchor the European idea in consciousness and the subconscious.

Thus, metropa is a contribution to overcome the current crisis and to make Europe as we all want it: an open, strong continent that preserves its achievements and does not shy away from innovation. A continent in fruitful competition with others – an inspiration and fascination for its visitors – and pride of its inhabitants.


metropa is a non-profit project with a growing number of fans, supporters and contributors. We see the whole project and our commitment to it as a contribution to an open discussion about Europe and its future. Though non-profit, this enterprise costs a lot of time and a little money, too.
So if you want to support us in our work, you can

write us an email for the mailing list,
• install a metropa-branch in your city,
buy a product,
• donate to the account of our association (see legal notice)

and of course everything together. We're looking forward for your help!

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"metropa – a network of hope"

– Gerhard Matzig, Suedeutsche Zeitung, Munich/Germany –

"metropa is an exciting and eloquent project in which Baukultur is in demand as an immaterial and infrastructural link."

– Reiner Nagel, CEO of the Bundesstiftung Baukultur, Potsdam/Germany –

"Metropa – the vision of a European superfast train network acts on both the body and soul."

– Jörg Metelmann, cultural scientist at the University of St. Gallen/Switzerland –

"the idea of metropa is stronger than the idleness of those in power – it is a look into the future of Europe, into our future."

– Enzo Vialli, publicist, Milan/Italy –

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Comments (21)

Soizic Frin says...

Excellent. If you include BREST (in France - far west from Paris...) you will have my support.


I agree. And I think, it would be wonderful, if there would be a connection to all the "sunny" destinations on the continent as soon as possible. So that all the people who are used to flying to, for instance, Greece for holidays get an alternative and start thinking about the harm they are doing to the planet by flying there.


Love it. Including Valletta, Malta in this Project as the southernmost EU Country and Capital would surely have my support for a sustainable future.

Nikos says...

An excellent project. If you include Cyprus (an EU member state) in your plan you will definitely have my support.

Pepijn says...

This was posted on r/europe so I had a look at it, it is very nice as art but I have several practical issues.

The connection to Amsterdam is not very usefull, better to connect to Utrecht and have a local train/metro network connecting the Randstad (Utrecht--Hilversum--Amsterdam--Haarlem--Leiden--Den Haag--Rotterdam--Dordrecht).

The connections near Lyon and Marseilles are slightly lack-luster because they are not connected and Marseilles isn't easy to connect to; you might consider having all lines in that area stop in Montpellier for better switching. Yellow and green could still stop at Marseilles as well and light purple to Lyon, but making dark purple connect to Marseilles is just necessary.

Finally this map is very German-centric which makes connections from e.g. Bukarest to Skopje require you go via Belgrado. I think another ring could be inserted there connecting Bukarest, Sofia, Skopje, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Budapest or a similar oval. That might clean up the situation.


Apr 21


The European Democracy Lab launched a fantastic podcast series about the future of Europe. We contributed to one, thanks for the invitation!

Listen on Spotify and on Apple


Interview with the Bolzano-based biligual online newspaper SALTO

Mar 21


Last year, we got a request from professor Dr. Oliver Schwedes, expert on Integrated Transport Planning at the TU Berlin. He wrote a book called Public Mobility, and metropa is proud to be one of its sources and inspiriations!



On swiss TV emission Sternstunde Philosophie Jörg Metelmann talks about future, imagining and the chances within. And he introduced METROPA as perfect example (from 44:30, in German).

Feb 2021

Former Belgian Prime Minister and now MEP Guy Verhofstadt ran into METROPA and was so overwhelmed, that he even forgot to mention source and credits, but anyway: thanks for putting it on your Facebook wall ! Here's his post:

"This is utopian, of course, a wider European region as interconnected as a metropolitan city... But if 25 years ago they had told you you’d soon be able to look up every piece of information imaginable on a portable phone the size of a wallet, and talk to your watch if you had a message to instantly send your friend on the other side of the world, you would not have called it utopian... but ridiculous."

Inspite of this enthusiasm, we are also a little bit puzzled by some reactions on it. Reading through all the comments underneath, there are some points where we feel misunderstood in our main goals.

Many comments, for example, are related to the neverending Brexit-drama. Too many people saying that metropa should skip UK now, stopping either at the Channel or flying over right to Dublin and Glasgow.

Stop that: The UK is still part of Europe. And as metropa is not and will never be a purely EU-project but inclusively treats every country in Europe and its neighborhood as equal, it is not about cutting out from the map any of them just because the majority of the people of this country decided to leave the EU. Got it?

Then, many people complain about Cyprus and Malta (funnily not Iceland) not being on the map. Though they are even EU-members.

Hm, metropa might be the far future, if not utopian. But it does have and need some geographical and technical restrictions in order not to become ridiculously absurd. For these reasons, we had to leave out the remote islands in the Mediterranean, because there's simply no way to reach them other then with planes or ships.

Some complain about Prishtina/Kosovo not being on the map. Well, touché. But why does nobody complain about Bern not being on it?

Any other discussion about cutting countries/cities (mostly for racist reasons) out of or putting cities on the map we're sorry not to follow further. The design is set, it works, the majority likes it as it is because they understand it as it should be understood: as a new symbol of Europe as a whole, a blueprint for transportation in Europe, a guideline and inspiration for new ideas. It is not a concrete construction plan. It has to be filled with our dreams and ideas.

And these are also written in the comments.

Jan 2021


On occasion of Joe Biden's inauguration as 46th President of the United States of America on January 20th 2021, this was our contribution.

Alike its brother metropa, metromerica stands for the idea of connections instead of boundaries, for the dialogue and exchange among classes, races, mindsets. So let's mindtravel across the map and meet each other in peace and openness!



After months of waiting, Jörg Metelmann's and Harald Welzer's book "Imagineering – how future is made" ("Imagineering – wie Zukunft gemacht wird", S. Fischer Verlag) finally arrived! With a black and white copy of metropa on page 43:

October 2020

metropa is part of the online exhibition "Net works". Enter here the exhibition rooms.

September 2020

Together with 200 young people at the Brandenburger Jugendkulturtage in Blossin/Germany we put into action the campaign "Postcards for Brussels" which you will be hearing from very soon, hopefully.

metropa in the FALTER (Vienna), 23.9.2020 (preview)

"If Europe was a gigantic metropole…"

September 2020

Since September, metropa posters and postcards are available in every book store, published by Freitag&Berndt/Vienna.

A1 posters: ISBN 978-3-7079-1911-0
A2 posters: ISBN 978-3-7079-1880-9
postcards:   ISBN 978-3-7079-1879-3

August 2020

first public viewing on a white wall in Landlmühle/Bavaria at the "3 Tage – 4 Filme"-Festival of the Kulturklub Rosenheim. First we showcased our backdrop-animation (which you can see also on this website), then for the rest of the evening we switched to the classical picture.

An interview for the Visionaries-Videoblog by Leodreams about our vision of metropa:

July 2020

Article (in German) in the PrivatBahn-Magazin, an international b2b mag for railway transportation and traffic (by Dennis Tesch):

June 2020

We are proud to have an interview in the FuturZwei-Magazine! With a postcard in every copy…

Here's a short but enthousiastic article about metropa by Derek Scally in the Irish Times. Right next to Donald and Kurt's guitar on sale.

And here is yet another great article at the Fairplanet online magazine:

May 2020

An article in the german "good-news"-paper newslichter:

"Die Welt braucht gerade jetzt kühne Visionen, wenn unsere Welt besser werden soll. Beim Stichwort Mobilität ist das Projekt Metropa – ein europaweites Schnellbahn-Streckennetz – so eines."

April 2020

At the end of the month, another Italian magazine published something about metropa – no, metropa itself: as a centrefold for the Kids Mag Internazionale KIDS!

Mid April, metropa finally made it to instagram. Another platform to connect with people.

March 2020

March, 7th
metropa on the "Großformat" in the renowned Sueddeutsche Zeitung:

Amazing feedback, great reach. Thank you!

here is Gerhard Matzig's text in English (abridged).

March, 13th – the day when supermarkets ran out of toilet paper:
The Berlin based multilingual online newspaper Berlin89 published this article by Salvatore Trapani:

December 2019

Through an unknown linkedIn-post, metropa arrived on numerous social-media pages and went viral:

3500 views, hundreds of comments.

Vienna's vice-mayor Birgit Hebein posted on facebook on Dec, 12:

4000 views, 950 likes, 360 shares, 160 comments

some days later, another friend sent us a PM saying that metropa «is now reddit-famous»:

1000 comments, 11k views, millions of ideas.


On twitter, metropa has already been widely discussed through Ulrike Guérots post since October 16th, 2018.

In the Summer 2019, she also asked if she could use the metropa-picture for her new book, "What is the Nation?" ("Was ist die Nation?, Steidl Verlag, Göttingen, 2019).

supporters & partners

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